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I will do my best to offer you a prompt and suitable appointment so that we can have an initial meeting to explore your concerns and decide how best to work together.


In the initial session I will explain my confidentiality agreement and explore with you what situations and concerns bring you to counselling at this time. You may be clear which type of counselling you are looking for, or not, the initial session explores the approach I take and what is involved in Individual, Couple Counselling and Sexual Relationship Therapy.

Some people come and do extremely focussed short term work which can take between 5 and 10 sessions, other people prefer a slower approach, you probably didn't get to where you are overnight and so it may take a while to get things how you'd like them to be.


Once we decide which counselling is best for you and plan how frequently we will meet, we will begin, I will check in with you regularly to ensure that the counselling is addressing your concerns and meeting your needs.


- It is most important you find the right person with the right training to help you through your difficulties, if I am not that person I will do my utmost to help you find that person and refer you on.

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